Keynote Speaker - Susan Petterson

Associate Professor Susan Petterson is an engineer with 20 years’ experience in human health risk assessment associated with sanitation and water systems. Since undertaking her first Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment (QMRA) on recycled water in 1998, she has since worked internationally on the development and application of QMRA for water safety management in the drinking water, recreational water and sanitation contexts.   Susan is the lead author of the WHO guidance document for undertaking QMRA which was launched at Singapore International Water Week in July, 2016.  Susan is the director of Water & Health Pty Ltd; an editor for the Journal of Water and Health (IWA Publishing); an editor of the Global Water Pathogens Project (GWPP, www.waterpathogens.org) linking scientific research with WHO sanitation guidance; a member of the Guidelines Development Group for the WHO Guidelines on Sanitation and Health; a member of the Australian NHMRC Water Quality Advisory Committee; and an academic title holder in the School of Medicine at Griffith University.    

Susan will update us on the latest international scientific research on Legionella and how that research will influence the management of risks associated with water systems in the Australian context.


Keynote Speaker - Frank Endries

Frank's presentation is a snapshot of microbial challenges faced in the reticulated water system of a (then) newly built Victorian country hospital. We look in depth at the issues, how they arose, how the risks were assessed and finally, steps taken to successfully mitigate the issue. Following up, some five plus years after the problem was effectively dealt with, we also look at the long term success of the treatment protocol and what the status of microbial activity is today.

Keynote Speaker - Kelvin Slade

Kelvin is a qualified & licensed plumber , drainer and Gasfitter. Holding endorsements in Backflow Prevention, Thermostatic Mixing Valves & Solar - Heat Pump Hot water Systems. Kelvin and his wife Mandy are the owners of Slade Bros Plumbing. 

Kelvin has been a member of MPAQ for over 20 years and is the current President . Kelvin also holds Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment, facilitating many courses for MPAQ throughout Queensland. Kelvin is also the Chairman of the Legionella Management Advisory Group and is a recipient of the prestigious Churchill Fellowship which has enabled him to travel throughout the world in search of new ideas, innovation and excellence with regard to Legionella.

Decades of experience along with a deep level of knowledge has enabled Kelvin to assist his clients with their water quality management, understand identified risk’s associated in their infrastructure and successfully treating Legionella outbreaks.